VWAP Trend Trade Strategy Example

In this video I discuss the VWAP trend strategy from Axia Futures that I was already trading but didn’t have a name for the strategy, by getting this right at the beginning of a trending day you can sit back and hold the position for quite large noise free moves.

This strategy involves a trend being set with a move into VWAP that acts to confirm the trend before it continues. In the example below it can be seen that the VWAP was in a downtrend and gathered orders at VWAP twice before a rapid move downwards as the EU participants entered the market. I then use Guppy MMA indicator to manage the position along with prior levels of support and resistance.

This is a strategy that I was trading but tend to manage the position poorly once I am in, I review the trade that I made and the trade that I could have made so that in the future I can be better.

Original Strategy Video From Axia Futures (Who have a lot of great resources on their blog)


Discussion of my executions and how I could have used the strategy better using my ProRealTime Indicators in particular the Guppy Multiple Moving Average

In this video I cover a second example of how the strategy can be executed


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