The RoboFuturesTrader Portfolio Project


In the last few weeks a customer said something that really struck with me and that was that he was looking to build a successful investment portfolio, Prorealtime could be a part of that but he wasn’t interested in programming so much as the solutions.

I reflected that for the most part that is where I am at.

I have created systems, tested systems, bought systems, indicators and courses but now was the time to invest in research and establish how I would meet my need for a “passive investment portfolio”

This could comprise of my Prorealtime systems, externals system which having looked at a couple are now much better than they were in the past but also social trading, swing trading systems based on indicators and perhaps educational courses such as those of Tom Dante, Amplify Trading and ITPM whose content I own, follow and republish on the site

So over the next couple of weeks I will be creating content around the systems, indicators and services that I have sampled in the past, researching them in depth and then discussing how they may fit into different styles of portfolios

I hope you will find it useful


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