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Dax Proealtime Trading System

Manticore Development Update – 20 Minute System Available For Free Members Until 11/09/2020

******************** Use of the system is currently suspended while the code is updated****************************   Uncomment line 7 to activate Manticore DAX 20M Copier – System Manticore 20M Signal – Signal Those with a developer membership can get a prerelease version of the code here a final version should be in the […]

Prorealtime Trading System - Phoenix Dax 30M S245 V9 report at 1 point

Phoenix Dax 30M S245 V9

Phoenix Dax 30M S245 V9 Replaces Version 8 Money Management Rules Updated To Calculate Margin Trading Time Periods Updated Trailing Stop Upgraded Added Hold Over Weekend Switch Added VWAP Filter Switch Added Break Even Switch Properties: Product – Dax Time frame – 30 minutes Short Only Closes at 9:30pm Friday […]