RFT Copy Portfolio

Hello Traders

The change is to add a portfolio of as yet unreleased systems (but discussed in results videos) as a copy portfolio service

This will allow those who want to build to build and those who wish to copy to do so without the large upfront fees associated with some providers and overcome the problem of people signing up, downloading the full code systems and quitting the site

How Will It Work?

The RFT copy portfolio is a portfolio of ProRealTime trading systems that form part of the paid membership

The membership costs £100 (Approximately 120 Euro) per 30 days

The following renewal of membership a new set of signals will be emailed for you to install into ProRealTime

The systems are made available with a hidden indicator that contains a dated licence, but the other code for positions sizing etc will be open

To use the Leviathan systems a third party harmonic pattern trading indicator is also required that can be purchased here for 150 Euro

Signal files will be provided within 24 hours of sign up

Current members will start receiving signals tomorrow

What About The Development Systems?

If I use the Leviathan systems as an example, there will be a series of posts and videos showing how to create your own Leviathan system (Harmonic pattern trading) with the created system file included.(Recording this week)

But in parallel I will develop multiple variants of the system, creating posts tracking their progress and selecting the best to join the portfolio or to create new portfolios

The portfolio currently comprises the following systems:




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