ProRealTime Version 12 Coming Soon

The @ProRealTime Twitter account has begun teasing version 12 features

No release date as yet but hopefully this time we won’t see the same delay between a ProRealTime release and adopting the upgrade

Without doubt my favourite feature announced so far is the market replay a common feature on other platforms that will allow for more accurate back testing when looking to execute manual strategies, especially with indicators that can repaint (Why does it matter if indicators repaint)

What did they say is coming in ProRealTime V12?

The new chart panel of the main window lets you easily navigate between your open charts. The tooltip of each chart will remind you the timeframe of the chart that will be opened.

You now can: Display the prices of your favourite instruments Display the latent gains of your positions and the key information of your portfolio. Display a time panel to display the current time zone of other countries

Coming soon : Market replay. Practice trading in real-time on past data as much as you want, even the weekend. Press pause, fast forward, choose the speed of your Market Replay.

Do you want to pin the main window at the top of your screen to make sure no other platform window overlaps it ? Here is the new fixed mode : the main menu will always stay displayed across the full width of your screen and keep a fixed size.

Display up to 6 time zones in the configuration of your choice directly from the main ProRealTime window in 12 hour mode or 24 hour mode, with or without seconds, with or without the timezone name (ex : UTC+2), with or without a city (ex : Paris).

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