Prorealalgos Dax 2M Scalp Modification Preview

As some of you may have seen in other videos I had become frustrated with the Prorealalgos systems to the point of stopping using them

The 2% stop loss was far too rich but I had not given up on them but given the complex nature of the Ibex and Crude code they would be difficult to work with, however as a much simpler code the Dax 2M system was easy to work with

Having been inspired by the Artificall e-book and the way that the Linear Donch systems were performing I looked to modify this system into a short time frame scalping system and this is what I came up with….


Developer members can find the code and an in depth explanation of the code in this article (coming soon)



Hi everyone Ruark here from And what I’m going to be talking about is a bit of a preview of some of the developer content. So just to set scene, I’ve taken some of the prorealalgos systems tested them and basically found that the 2% stop loss is a bit rich for me. So I had turned the systems off, but I’ve been doing some research today and come up with a way for the Dax system, at least to get it going again. So let’s have a look at that. So it’s kind of inspired by Artificall or what I’ve done is taken the original system, reworked the trailing stop reworked the sort of hard stop changing that to an ATR based stop put a Vexit on there and put a take profit on there as well. And what I’ve done I mean this is all subject to testing because we’re on a two minute timeframe here, but what I think I’ve done is converted the entry signal into a scalping type system where we’ve got much less time in the market.

It gets rid of the whole 2% draw down, two percent stop loss, sorry. For a stop loss, which is about half a percent at the moment. The average gain of each trade is maintained. Albeit more trades to taken and the gain of the best charity is lower. But to my mind, that kind of balances it a bit more. Just take a look at the chart. So we’ve got the original system up here and the mod down here and it’s really these bits here where we’ve got sort of a week where we’re in draw down. And then we, what would it draw down to the point that we almost get stopped out and then we pull back up and make a slight profit again here. And again here, we’ve got sort of ten days of having these positions open and if I switched back to the report.

So I do have a bit more data than this. I know December was a loser. I mean, it is nice and consistent. But stylistically I would rather have of something more like this, where, I mean, you can see here with this position in, out, in, out, in, out for a loss all in the same time that that’s made some more profit. Now, now this has made a loss slightly where this has made a slight profit, but we’ve, we’ve just not been in the market as long. This particular trade, same entry, but I’m straight out. This one probably makes a little bit more, but it, it takes a lot more time to do it. I mean, if we, if we measured from a here or three or five to three 90, so 85 points and 552 to 115 in the same amount of time as that has made 85.

I’m cool with that. Cause you, you can see here, we’ve got a 300 point draw down versus a 70 point draw down sort of stylistically. This suits me a lot better. Like this time in the market, more efficient for capital, et cetera. And this is something I’m going to be tested and if it’s all right, it’ll, it’ll be going live. So the deeper review of the code is going to be available for the developer members on the site. If you are interested in seeing content like this along with some other guides and commentary and system building and portfolio building with pro real time then please check out where there’s both free memberships that will give you access to resources and a paid membership, which will give you access to a lot more systems and videos and things and shutouts to artificall, who has kind of inspired this system by the way that he treats in his ebook. Of course prorealalgos who were the, the signal provider in this instance. So he made it to the end as always. Thank you. Don’t forget to like, and subscribe if you want to, to this content and I will catch you in the next one.

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