Phoenix Dax Work In Progress


There is still a little way to go with this code but at the moment it is working well

I have added in the V2 filters mentioned in the previous Phoenix system videos and reworked the stops but the system does need more entry signals at higher time frames

I would also like to have a way of balancing the stop, at the moment it is configured to hang back. This allows for some retracement/consolidation before capturing a larger move but it would be nice to use the steepness of the bars or another indicator to move the stop more rapidly in the case of a more news driven type event so that the average return would be closer to the average MFE

I had considered using lower timeframes for this and on the 5 minute timeframe the longs work well but the shorts were not reliable, at least in initial testing. For the 5 minute tests I have looked to use 100k bars but this is meaning that each back test takes all day

The new file is available here to members

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  1. Hi,
    Am a big fan of the Phoenix system, am currently testing the NASDAQ version which is going well. Really looking forward to this DAX version to help diversify the future portfolio exposure.
    Thank you very much!

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