Harmonic Patterns Indicator Overview

I trade harmonic patterns using the Eurhythmic Patterns ProRealTime indicator from ALE Automatic Trading

At present I am working through back tests to find those pattern, product and time frame combinations that have the highest probability trade outcomes. I will publish updated research in the pattern specific posts as it is completed. The next stage will then be to look to automate that strategies once I have a feel for the best entry and exit conditions.

Harmonic Trading Patterns use Fibonacci values to determine potential reversal zones in which there is a high chance of a change of market direction. Once identified such patterns can create high reward to risk opportunities when trading forex and indices.

A key author in the field is Scott Carney of https://harmonictrader.com/

He does post some useful content to his youtube channel which contains links to free download PDFs of his books, personally I prefer to use other channels to research the patterns as he has a very academic style of presentation. Other videos on the topic cut to the chase and focus more on how to trade the pattern rather than its construction.

Harmonic Pattern Trading Overview – Ruark


Harmonic Trading Patterns Introduction from Ruark Baker on Vimeo.

RFT Harmonic Index Indicator – shown in video


Harmonic Pattern Trading Overview – Admiral Markets

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uihGW6z8-nQ[/embedyt]

Harmonic Pattern Trading In Depth – Scott Carney

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYfPG8Sy3v8[/embedyt]



Reviews of several patterns can be found in the articles below:

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