100 Tick Candles Mi nuevo gráfico favorito para el Day Trading

In the past week I have tried new time frames and chart types having seen Trades By Matt using a chart type that was new to me

My favourite has been the 100 tick chart

This chart creates candle for each 100 ticks rather than using a measurement of time

When using the chart this creates an interesting dynamic where the speed with which the bars print is relative to volumes so for example as volume increases the speed with which the bars are created increases.

This is very useful as it is quite eye catching when using this chart type

I have also noticed that the chart is able to offer both its own patterns trades but also is very useful in validating entries from higher timeframes

In the video below I run through a trading session on the Nasdaq that includes the Non Farm Payrolls event

Please note the rate at which the 100 tick bars are produced versus the 1 minute chart

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