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In the area below you will find algo trading tutorials, articles, systems and resources that I hope will further your knowledge and skill levels in developing your own robust systems


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Prorealtime Full System Library

The library contains all Prorealtime systems produced or featured during reviews on the site with results as of the time of publication

Prorealtime systems running in my trading account

Product – Dax | Tech100 | USDJPY

Systems that I would run but do not fit into my current Live Systems Portfolio either due to correlations or trading style

Product – Tech100

Systems that are in demo testing following development and have not yet been assigned an active status

Product – Dax  | USDJPY | GBPUSD | EURUSD

Systems that have been built that are no longer worth running. This may be due to being a system that was built for a training exercise that did not result in a working system or systems that favoured certain market conditions that not longer exist. They can still be useful for educational purposes either for inspiration or a exercises in taking them and producing a working system

Product – Dax | Tech100 | GBPCAD | GBPUSD | USDJPY | USDCAD

As systems move through their life cycle from concept to live and end of life they will move status, to keep up to date check out the latest posts in the link below

Status Changes

Prorealtime Code Library

Find Prorealtime code snippets that can help with development of your own systems and for code added from November each snippet will have an accompanying short video describing what the code will do and how to add it into your systems

Prorealtime Tutorials

Video tutorials that will walk through a process or coding change step by step including reasoning behind making the changes and how they can be applied to your code

The beginner tutorials give an introduction to algorithmic trading and code development, an overview of how to set up the platform and basic non coding strategy creation

All | An Introduction To Algo Trading | A Framework For Code Development | Customising Prorealtime | Creating A Strategy Without Coding | Tips When Getting Started

The intermediate tutorials build on the skills gained through the beginner tutorials but combining indicators, filters adding money management and using the optimisation features of Prorealtime to build more complex system

All | Variables and Boolean | Combining Indicators | Optimisations | High Level Analytics

Robofuturestrader Updates

Code reviews and site updates

Algorithmic Trading Vlogs

Curated content from around the web relating to algorithmic trading

Discretionary Trading, Wealth And Mindset

Curated content from around the web relating to non algorithmic trading/investment

Prorealtime Latest Content

Harmonic Indicators – Bat Pattern

Harmonic Indicators

The Bat pattern is the next Harmonic indicator to be reviewed in the series for an overview of Harmonic Trading Patterns please check out this article The Bat pattern is similar to the Cypher harmonic pattern but it follows different Fibonacci ratios. One of the key ways to differentiate a Bat structure…

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Harmonic Indicators – Cypher Pattern

Harmonic Indicators

The Cypher Pattern uses Fibonacci values to determine potential reversal zones in which there is a high chance of a change of market direction. Once identified such patterns can create high reward to risk opportunities when trading forex and indices. In the harmonic pattern world, the Cypher pattern forex is…

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Harmonic Patterns Indicator Overview

Prorealtime Harmonic Pattern Trading Introduction
Harmonic Indicators

I trade harmonic patterns using the Eurhythmic Patterns ProRealTime indicator from ALE Automatic Trading At present I am working through back tests to find those pattern, product and time frame combinations that have the highest probability trade outcomes. I will publish updated research in the pattern specific posts as it…

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Algorithmic Trading Content

Algo Trading Tip – Battle of The Entries #1

Kevin J Davey

Trading Tip – Which Entry Is Best? Bull/Bear Regime trading article discussed in this video: Entries, entries, entries. Whenever I talk to other algorithmic…

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Discretionary Trading, Wealth And Mindset Latest Content

2020 11 22 18 48 45

Head Of Trader Development Sam North delivers a technical outlook for the week ahead. Topics covered include: – Introduction (00:00) – EURUSD (01:04) – GBPUSD…

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Stock Market Analysis November 18 2020

Order Brian’s book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes on Amazon… Learn how to trade stocks and receive more intraday trading tips at / Learn…

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This Signal Has Only Flashed 6 Times in 20 years….

Game of Trades Official Website NOW LIVE: ♟️ Game of Trades Twitter Account: 🔵 TradingView: “Game of Trades Go-to charting platform” 📈…

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