Current Portfolio As Of 04/10/2020

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Current Portfolio As Of 04/10/2020

Given the large numbers of test systems coming ion form the V16 update and new Siren Series Systems I have restarted all systems and going forward will post this list along with graphs form the individual systems. The systems have all been given a £1k bank with a minimum positions size of £0.5 per point, 2/3 DDM and 50% reinvestment

I am running the 20 minute Manticore but not the 10 minute as they are there to act as a trend following system to contrast the reversal patterns of the Siren Series and the 20 minute system just seems more consistent, if the volume of trades favours the Sirens series system too heavily then I will increase the capital allocation to the Manticore system

Not all of the Phoenix systems showed an improved P&L from the V16 stops but I have upgraded all of my systems just for consistency I would encourage you to review the linked before and after article and then choose which systems to upgrade

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  1. Garyoaten says:

    Is V16 part of the copier service or are we still to use V8/9 on the Phoenix series?

    • Ruark Baker says:


      both options are open to you, I have used V16 for all systems for simplicity but the V8/9 do outperform some of the V16 systems albeit with a higher pull back from maximum profit

      Having had a couple of positions reverse in the V8/9 then my preference is for V16 which I think is more consistent



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