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Prorealtime Automated Trading Strategies And Training

One Of The Potential Pitfalls Of Looking At Prorealtime Reports As A New Developer And How To Avoid It

This video was inspired by a couple of members who were very excited and shared their systems having sworn me to secrecy and not realised that they had fallen into this trap If it looks too good to be true then it usually is A common error for new Prorealtime algo developers is to have…
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How To Use The Graph Function Of Prorealtime – Basic

This video discusses the use of the Graph function to visualise signals created by trading systems The Prorealtime Developer video shows how to use the graphonprice function and update colour schemes

Why Does It Matter If Prorealtime Indicators Repaint?

Indicator Does Not Repaint Is Something That You Will Often See From Vendors Of Top End Indicators But What Does This Mean And Why Does This Matter? What Is Indicator Repainting? Repainting is the redrawing or resignaling of an indicator, first giving a signal at one position but then removing this signal and recreating the…
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10 Step Prorealtime Trading Strategy Creation Framework

These are the ten steps that I use when building all prorealtime strategies Understand the signal/system that you hope will form the basis of the system If using a signal research any additional instructions/filters that are used in discretionary trading Research the recommended stop loss and take profit values Add the signal to a basic…
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Guigi 04/08/2020 Time Parameters

Guigi Hello, I downloaded the code and I was looking to test it but it couldn’t run it well. I changed nothing, except the trading schedule. How do we have to change it if we are in France for example ? I also don’t understand why the time schedule is 13 hours long, although the…
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