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Siren Series – Prorealtime Harmonic Trading Systems Update

Following around a month in testing the Siren Series Systems I am happy that the systems are trading according to the back test which was the greatest worry as a couple of the systems take some time to run as a back test and so I was concerned that they would time out and not…
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Prorealtime System Development Series – Siren Series Begins Demo Testing

Previous Release Today I added the first GBPUSD 1 hour candidate to the demo testing system, it may be a while before the first result as this system trades around once per month but all of the system elements are the same as that of the 5 minute system that will trade more frequently to…
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Prorealtime System Development Series – Siren Series Stages Five Update

Here are some updates recorded across the week on the progress of the Sirens Series Harmonic Pattern Trading Systems development Research Status (stage 5 of the development plan): Complete – Dax, USDJPY Started – GBPUSD, AUSUSD Early Testing Of Filters Status (stage 6 of the development plan): Dax 5 minute time frame   Wednesday Update…
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Prorealtime System Development Series – Siren Series Stages One To Five

Introduction As described in the Siren Series introduction post I am beginning a new build series based around harmonic indicators. Rather than just showing the finished system I will take the build series through each of the ten steps that I use to build and validate new systems. If you have not already checked out…
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Prorealtime System Build Series – Siren Series Introduction

Following research into the trend line break code that will form the basis of the Centaur series and the researching the harmonic trading patterns series, I have decided to take prioritise work on systems based on the harmonic trading patterns indicator in parallel with expanding the Manticore series. Having researched both I have found that…
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