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making money with prorealtime

Can You Make Money With Prorealtime?

Yes but……… it’s not easy In this video I discuss how to make money with Prorealtime Video Links: Robofuturestrader – https://robofuturestrader.com/ Doc Trading – http://www.doctrading.fr/lalgorithme-de-trading-day-m15/ Prorealalgos – https://prorealalgos.com/p/rb (10% discount code: PRTARB) (Affiliate) https://prorealalgos.com (Non Affiliate) Traderherz – https://en.traderherz.com/ eToro – https://med.etoro.com/B18054_A100026_TClick.aspx (Affiliate) https://eToro.com (Non Affiliate) Slide Dec:     […]

Prorealtime Trading System Results

Results and Updates

In the video below I cover trading results and some WIP systems both for RFT only systems and some potential collaborations with external system providers who have great entries but stops that I can improve upon. Since filming the video I have put in place the Manticore 10 Minute system […]

Dax 40

Dax40 Coming In 2021 And What It May Mean For Your Prorealtime Dax Systems

From September 2021, the benchmark index DAX will be expanded by ten members, to a total of 40 constituents. This means that it will cover the largest listed companies in Germany even more comprehensively. In return, the MDAX Index will be reduced from 60 to 50 constituents. https://deutsche-boerse.com/dbg-en/media/press-releases/German-benchmark-index-DAX-will-be-strengthened-by-additional-qualification-criteria-and-harmonization-with-international-standards-2350430 What Happens […]