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Manticore Dax 10M Development Library Code Expiry 01/09/2020

Version 5 of the system is attached and now live in the Alpha Portfolio ** updated to allow users to change the time variables Within the Minotaur code the times used are in London time   DEFPARAM FlatAfter = 160000   // DAX trading window ONCE BuyTimeMorning = 80000 ONCE SellTimeMorning = 100000 ONCE BuyTimeAfternoon……
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Pegasus Tech100 30M Ultimate

Pegasus Tech100 30M Ultimate When working on the Pegasus system series I encountered a couple of new ideas that have been incorporated into the Pegasus Ultimate system along with a new system that I am developing that will allow for the ability to set a system to work on a range from a conservative cash……
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Phoenix Nasdaq 1Hour L245 V9

Phoenix Nasdaq 1Hour L245 V9 Replaces Version 6 Properties: Money Management Rules Updated To Calculate Margin Trading Time Periods Updated Trailing Stop Upgraded Added Hold Over Weekend Switch Added VWAP Filter Switch Added Break Even Switch Downloads: Phoenix Nasdaq 1H V9 Signal – Signal Phoenix NASDAQ 1H30M L245 V9 – System *****Signal line to uncomment in order……
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