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Prorealtime Automated Trading Strategies And Training

Harmonic Indicators – Bat Pattern

The Bat pattern is the next Harmonic indicator to be reviewed in the series for an overview of Harmonic Trading Patterns please check out this article The Bat pattern is similar to the Cypher harmonic pattern but it follows different Fibonacci ratios. One of the key ways to differentiate a Bat structure from a Cypher pattern is……
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Harmonic Indicators – Cypher Pattern

The Cypher Pattern uses Fibonacci values to determine potential reversal zones in which there is a high chance of a change of market direction. Once identified such patterns can create high reward to risk opportunities when trading forex and indices. In the harmonic pattern world, the Cypher pattern forex is a four leg reversal pattern.……
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Harmonic Indicators – Wolfe Wave Pattern

In part 3 of the harmonic indicators series we will discuss the Wolfe Wave Pattern and how it is used in discretionary trading with a view to producing an automated trading system It is often important to establish the set of rules that accompany an indicator, only the simplest systems trade one indicator. There are……
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Harmonic Patterns Indicator Overview

I trade harmonic patterns using the Eurhythmic Patterns ProRealTime indicator from ALE Automatic Trading At present I am working through back tests to find those pattern, product and time frame combinations that have the highest probability trade outcomes. I will publish updated research in the pattern specific posts as it is completed. The next stage……
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Prorealtime Indicator Review- Optimal Start For Trend Following Indicator

In this video we review the Optimal Trend Start For Trend Indicator added to prorealcode by IV McM Introduction The indicator uses Ichimoku cloud patterns to identify periods in which the market is trending and shows both entry and exit candles making it very easily convertible into a protrader system Indicator File – Optimal-start-2  ……
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