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Prorealtime Automated Trading Strategies And Training

An Example Of Using Multiple Time Frames For Trailing Stops In Prorealtime

Why Use MTF For Trailing Stops In Prorealtime? The calculation of a new trailing stop occurs at the end of the bar leaving systems with entry signals that use higher time frames at a disadvantage when using trailing stops as they are less reactive. Using the Multiple Time Frame feature of Prorealtime allows for the…
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How To Use The Graph Function Of Prorealtime – Basic

This video discusses the use of the Graph function to visualise signals created by trading systems The Prorealtime Developer video shows how to use the graphonprice function and update colour schemes

How To ProRealTime Series Beginning In July

During the time that I have been using ProRealTime I have developed some skills in creating and testing code and doing it efficiently. I would like to make videos both long and short form with hints and tips to help code creators skill up as soon as possible. In the series I will also have…
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