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Manticore V5 Live Trading And Future Plans

The Manticore system has had a fantastic first week and has been a welcome change to the Phoenix systems with the frequency of trades The next steps will be to add the finishing features and expand the range of products traded, I may look to develop a version for other Dax time periods but the…
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Manticore Coming Soon

The Manticore system is a work in progress coming out of creating content for the developer membership subscribers The system trades more frequently than the systems produced so far which I know some of you will welcome There will be a full code download and update for developers later today Once the code is finished…
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Pegasus Tech100 30M Ultimate Preview

Pegasus Tech100 30M Ultimate Preview Hi everyone this is a slightly different post into the development library than normal as the system is still work in progress and requires optimisation of the code When working on the Pegasus system series I encountered a couple of new ideas that have been incorporated into the Pegasus Ultimate…
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Quick Pegasus Update

Hi everyone this is just a quick update video on the Pegasus system that is nearing completion. The system also includes a new trading profile system that has settings from conservative to turbo. Loads more detail to follow especially for developer members as discussed towards the end of the video  

Pegasus Series Systems

Following completion of the Phoenix series systems I will be moving onto the Pegasus series based around an RSI Divergence indicator. I am currently running the first system on the Nasdaq 100 market, 30 minute time frame and it has been showing great results. The system had been running for the last six months at…
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