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Pegasus Tech100 30M Ultimate

Pegasus Tech100 30M Ultimate When working on the Pegasus system series I encountered a couple of new ideas that have been incorporated into the Pegasus Ultimate system along with a new system that I am developing that will allow for the ability to set a system to work on a range from a conservative cash……
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Quick Pegasus Update

Hi everyone this is just a quick update video on the Pegasus system that is nearing completion. The system also includes a new trading profile system that has settings from conservative to turbo. Loads more detail to follow especially for developer members as discussed towards the end of the video   You are unauthorized to…
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Pegasus Tech100 30M Long V10

Pegasus Tech100 30M Long V10 Properties: Product – Tech100 Time frame – 30 Minutes Long Only Closes at 3:30pm daily Signal expires on 31/07/2020 Downloads: Phoenix Tech100 30M V10 – Signal Pegasus Tech100 Long 30M V10 – System *****Signal line to uncomment in order to activate the code is on line 32***** *****All times are UK time, please……
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