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Manticore Prorealtime Dax Trading System 10 Minutes – Development Code Expiry 31/10/2020

The 10 minute system took two trades perfectly yesterday but as always there are development codes and recommended for demo testing Developer Code Download Copier Test Files – Expiry 31/10/2020 (uncomment line 7): Manticore DAX 10M Copier Manticore Dax 10 MinV16         Please follow @robofuturestrdr on Twitter for immediate updates as articles……
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Manticore Prorealtime Dax Trading System 20 Minutes – Development Code Expiry 31/10/2020

This system has been a little bit different from the 10 minute Dax system as following an update to the trailing stop I have reoptimised the whole system The system can have a more profitable back test by having higher stop losses but what I found in testing was that this largely accounted for the……
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Manticore Development Update – 20 Minute System Available For Free Members Until 11/09/2020

******************** Use of the system is currently suspended while the code is updated****************************   Uncomment line 7 to activate Manticore DAX 20M Copier – System Manticore 20M Signal – Signal Those with a developer membership can get a prerelease version of the code here a final version should be in the development library next week along……
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Manticore Dax 10M Development Library Code Expiry 01/09/2020

Version 5 of the system is attached and now live in the Alpha Portfolio ** updated to allow users to change the time variables Within the Minotaur code the times used are in London time   DEFPARAM FlatAfter = 160000   // DAX trading window ONCE BuyTimeMorning = 80000 ONCE SellTimeMorning = 100000 ONCE BuyTimeAfternoon……
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