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Development In Progress Updates Siren Series

Prorealtime System Development Series – Siren Series Stages Five Update

Here are some updates recorded across the week on the progress of the Sirens Series Harmonic Pattern Trading Systems development Research Status (stage 5 of the development plan): Complete – Dax, USDJPY Started – GBPUSD, AUSUSD Early Testing Of Filters Status (stage 6 of the development plan): Dax 5 minute […]

Development In Progress Updates Systems

Manticore Prorealtime Algo Series Development Update – New Code Coming Following Investigation

Summary: The Manticore series was suspended due to a variance between the live and back tested trades that occurred last week after more than 50 reconciled trades. The live trades out performed the back test results but the variance needed to be investigated, with the issue being report to Prorealtime. […]