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Algo Trading Tip – Stop Losses – Good, Bad or Both?

Trading Tip – Are stop losses good or bad? Get a free mini S&P algo strategy and other helpful trading info: Some traders think that stop losses are an absolute “must.” But the reality is stop losses have good points, and bad points. As a market researcher and trader, don’t you owe it to…
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Algo Trading Tips – Improve Your Trading Today!

Trading Tips – Some simple, but many times overlooked algorithmic trading tips. Get a free mini S&P algo strategy and other helpful trading info: Here are 6 simple to employ tips that will help you improve your algo trading. Your Trading Guide: Kevin Davey has been algo trading futures for over 25 years, and…
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Algo Trading Tip – Battle of The Entries #1

Trading Tip – Which Entry Is Best? Bull/Bear Regime trading article discussed in this video: Entries, entries, entries. Whenever I talk to other algorithmic traders, the question almost always comes up: “what approaches do you use to enter the market?” In other words “ENTRIES!” Just check out my other videos – you will see…
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Algo Trading Tip – Gold Emergency!

Trading Tip – What Do You Do When Gold Collapses Like It Did Aug 11, 2020? For more trading tips, and a free strategy, For a few months, up until August 10th, trading Gold was pretty easy – just be LONG! That all changed on August 11, when Gold crashed by over $100 an…
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Algo Trading Tip – Prevent Algorithmic Automation Disaster

Trading Tip – What Can I do when my trading automation goes nuts? Grab a free mini S&P algo strategy and other helpful trading info: It was a calm, peaceful trading day, until 4:14 PM. A nice behaving algo I had – trading the micro mini S&P – went bonkers in front of my…
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Algo Trading Tip – Use Entries as Exits?

Get My FREE Books: Book 1 : Mini S&P Price Action Trading Strategy Book 2: Strategy trading entry and exit trading tips Many people struggle with finding appropriate exits for their algorithmic trading. They have no trouble coming up with entries, but for exits they usually stick with the tried and true: simple stop…
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Algorithmic Trading Tip – Using Bull/Bear Market Regimes To Better Time Your Trades

Trading Tip – Should I take bull (long) trades during a bear market? Read the accompanying article (buckle in, it is a long one!) Most traders spend their days fighting trends – trying to catch turning points, identifying probable tops and bottoms, hoping to catch all of the next trend. The problem is this…
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