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Prorealtime Automated Trading Strategies And Training

How To Use The Graph Function Of Prorealtime – Advanced

Graphonprice is a fantastic function to aid system development in this article we will run through an example of how to can be used to visualise take profit, stop loss and other technical trading levels This video discusses the use of the Graph function to visualise signals created by trading systems   In order to……
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Portfolio Based Systems

Portfolio Based Systems from Ruark Baker on Vimeo. One of the main differences between systems that I have bought and systems available for free on the forums is that of being a portfolio based system ie having many sub signals nested in one strategy rather than only one long and one short signal The forum……
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Creating System Profile (Aggression) Settings

This video discusses how to create a system profile setting that will allow users to easily set stop loss, take profit and money management without the need for advanced programming skills A simple IF statement at the beginning of the code is used to determine values later used in the code   trading profiles 30072020……
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