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Prorealtime Trading Algo Review – End Of Day USDJPY

As with the Daily Open Straddle and Bar Hunter the (End Of Day) USDJPY is a system from my 30/05/2020 back up The original system was from and authored by Doc Trading The system had a long back test and showed consistency on the back test for several years There was only a couple…
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Bar Hunter V3.5.11 – Executed Correctly Last Night

Just a brief update to say that although a trade was not taken last night the orders were placed correctly without errors Having reworked the system to use the 15 minute time frame rather than the 30 minute time frame I found that this was not an improvement with winners seeming to get cut short…
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Bar Hunter V3.5.11

Having reworked the system to use the 15 minute time frame rather than the 30 minute time frame I found that this was not an improvement with winners seeming to get cut short As such I will be putting V3.5.10 with the 30 minute stop live Barhunter RB Mod V3.15.10 live – 30 Minute Trailing…
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Bar Hunter V3.5.10

Overnight the system encountered the same issue with the overnight minimum distance to place orders. Having researched this further I have found out that although the message says 10 points the minimum is in fact 12 points with forum members suggesting to use 15+ due to short term spread spikes that occur in the early…
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An Example Of Using Multiple Time Frames For Trailing Stops In Prorealtime

Why Use MTF For Trailing Stops In Prorealtime? The calculation of a new trailing stop occurs at the end of the bar leaving systems with entry signals that use higher time frames at a disadvantage when using trailing stops as they are less reactive. Using the Multiple Time Frame feature of Prorealtime allows for the…
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5 Algo Trading Backtest “Back Breakers” [With Solutions]

Trading Tip – Why does my backtest look great, but my real time trading looks not nearly as good? Grab a free mini S&P algo strategy and other helpful trading info: Trading backtests can drive you NUTS! You spend time creating a great backtest, only to see the strategy fall apart in real time.…
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Prorealtime Trading Algo Review – Daily Open Straddle

Today both the Siren Series and Manticore Dax 20M gained around 600 points between them but I felt that for balance that I would like to have a couple more momentum/ATR break out type systems I was going to code something from scratch but a workman outside reduce the time available for recording  and concentrating…
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How To Use The Graph Function Of Prorealtime – Advanced

Graphonprice is a fantastic function to aid system development in this article we will run through an example of how to can be used to visualise take profit, stop loss and other technical trading levels This video discusses the use of the Graph function to visualise signals created by trading systems   In order to…
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Content Update Week Commencing 12/10/2020

Manticore 20 Minute System (Free Membership Required)

Prorealtime Trading Algo Review – Bar Hunter Updated 23/10/2020 New Live Code

In the second part of the back up review series I am looking at the Barhunter system in the Dax 1 hour configuration if you missed the Daily Open Straddle review (which now has a system in test) then please check it out here  This ended up being a multiple step project so I have…
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