Stop Loss

Two Stage ATR Based Trailing Stop

Two Stage ATR Based Trailing Stop // ================trailing atr stop VIRTUAL================== if enabletsvir then // once stepsvir=0 once minatrdistvir=0 once atrtrailingperiodvir    = 2  // atr parameter once minstopvir              = 10   // minimum  distance if barindex=tradeindex then trailingstoplongvir    = 5  // trailing stop atr distance trailingstopshortvir    = 5   // trailing stop atr distance else if longonmarket then if […]

ATR Based Trailing Stop

ATR Based Trailing Stop With In Built Graph Function // trailing stop atr once enablets=1 once displayts=1 if enablets then // once steps=0.05 once minatrdist=3 once atrtrailingperiod    = 14   // atr parameter value once minstop              = 10   // minimum trailing stop distance if barindex=tradeindex then trailingstoplong     = 5   // trailing stop atr […]

Prorealtime trailing stop

% Based Trailing Stop

Overview The trailing stop combines a starting point and step value based on a percentage of the price with a new price being calculated at the close of each bar The example variables below are for a swing trading system but should be optimised on a system by system basis […]