Entry Signals

Evolving Basic Momentum Strategies

Momentum Prorealtime Strategies Introduction A few weeks ago I recommended picking up the free systems that Artificall was providing for signing up to his newsletter with a view to either using or modifying them. The five Prorealtime codes were a little basic given the development principles in his E-Book “Get […]

prorealtime code library

Confirming A Signal

Overview Often with Prorealtime Trading Systems a number of indicators are combined to create an entry signal with a couple of filters added to only take them at certain times or above technical levels but sometimes and indicator can require confirmation. Such examples include the Harmonic Trading Patterns whose signal […]

prorealtime find highs and lows

Find Time Based Highs and Lows

Daily Highs And Lows // calculate daily high/low (include sunday values if available) dailyHigh = DHigh(1) dailyLow = DLow(1) previousDailyHigh = DHigh(2) Weekly Highs And Lows // calculate weekly high If DayOfWeek < DayOfWeek[1] and lastweekbarindex = 0 then lastWeekBarIndex = BarIndex else if DayOfWeek < DayOfWeek[1] then weeklyHigh = […]