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Current Portfolio As Of 04/10/2020

Given the large numbers of test systems coming ion form the V16 update and new Siren Series Systems I have restarted all systems and going forward will post this list along with graphs form the individual systems. The systems have all been given a £1k bank with a minimum positions size of £0.5 per point,…
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Alpha Portfolio Update Trading Week Commencing 17/08/2020

So far in August, starting with our £10,000 account balance, we have run it to about 7% in a nice smooth fashion. Having the observed the portfolio we’ve never used more capital than about £250,  the risk weighting is quite conservative at the moment with a maximum draw down of 1.65% Overall P&L Trades Taken…
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Alpha Portfolio Update 10/08/2020

With the implementation of the Manticore system this has been a much more actively traded week than last week with fourteen trades taken and a £322.87 gain, if you have not already taken a copy of the code you can find links at the bottom of the article. The portfolio will look to expand when…
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Alpha Portfolio Update 03/08/2020

alpha portfolio from Ruark Baker on Vimeo.

Live Trading Systems Full Back Test Results

NB I am currently examining a tick by tick back testing issue that may cause the results below to be replaced When adding and updating systems one of the processes that I undertake is to see how the systems would have performed historically in the context of the whole portfolio running. I look to analyse……
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Alpha Portfolio Trading Results Week Ending 22/05/2020

Hi this is going to be a brief post as I have been focusing on new systems and adding to the dev library in the last week The first two weeks of the portfolio have gone really well with 24 systems deployed as of 25/03/2020 and around the same number in the pipeline to be…
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28/03/2020 Was Turning Off The Algos The Correct Choice?

Summary: Following the heightened volatility in markets due to the Corona virus outbreak I took the decision to being to pause some of the automated trading systems before pausing all of them and moving to manual trading. With the knowledge that I had gained from the Amplify Trading Course and the daily ranges of the…
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Alpha Portfolio Results Week #8

Alpha Portfolio Automated Trading Results Week #8 (W/C 03/02/2020) Results In Week This week an update to Prorealtime had caused a number of the systems to stop triggering so I turned them all off whilst I investigated the cause, it turned out that in the past if producing a calculated position size of less than…
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Alpha Talks #2

This is a shorter video than last week coming in at around 10 minutes in which I discuss the results of the Alpha Portfolio last week, systems performance and system generations. I have finished up my last project other than trading, making systems and developing content for the site so please look out for updates…
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