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How Does Pattern Accuracy Affect The Quality Of ProRealTime Trading Algos – A Case Study

When reviewing my day trading setup and which indicators to keep or remove I came across the accuracy field of the Harmonic, Quasimodo and Graphical Pattern indicators. In this case study I assess the impact that this setting can have on ProOrder systems created using such patterns as entry points. […]

ProRealTime Algo Reoptimisation Versus Reworking Revisited A Case Study – Part 1

Reoptimisation Versus Reworking ProRealTime Algos Introduction In a recent article assessing the use of a rolling three month optimisation period I found that a reoptimisation in that instance (using harmonic trading patterns) would not have been of benefit. In that instance the systems that had not worked well when they […]

How To Create Self Optimising Systems In ProRealTime – Part 1

Beginning To Concept AI Self Optimising Systems Introduction This all began having seen the Robotrader indicator produced by and wondering how he did it and then moving through researching systems optimisation and adding precision to systems In this post/video I build out the AI Concepting Indicator to a point […]