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CloudQuant Liberator Excel Plug In for Alternative Data

CloudQuant’s simple to use Excel Plug-In allows just about anyone to access the latest and greatest in alternative data from…
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3 BIG Warning Signals Indicating a Stock Market SELL OFF

Get your FREE TRIAL for Premium Game of Trades Content: ♟️ Subscribe to our TWITTER for more FREE Content:…
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Beginner To Advanced – Pro Real Time Phoenix System Creation Tutorial Video 1 (Additional Optional Steps)

Previous Lesson In this lesson we look at two additional optional steps that can be taken in developing a Phoenix…
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RFT Harmonic Patterns Chart Review 16/01/2021

In this video I review the current harmonic patterns that are forming and some trades taken last week Patterns On…
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Why Are the FAANG Stocks Breaking Down With the Market at All Time Highs?

Go Check Out ITrustCapital: Game of Trades Official Website NOW LIVE: ♟️ Game of Trades Twitter Account: Tweets…
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Beginner To Advanced – Pro Real Time Phoenix System Creation Tutorial Video 1

In this series of videos we will work together to produce a Phoenix system We will work through the stages…
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Charts Review 12/01/2021

In this video I have a look at some forming Harmonic Trading patterns across Indices, FX and Commodities

Algo Trading – Future Trading Strategies Analysis [Jan 9, 2021]

Here’s what my algo trading strategies said about the week ending 1/9/2021. I have broken the analysis into major sectors,…
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Stock Market & Crypto Analysis January 8 2021

Order Brian’s book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes on Amazon… Follow Brian on Twitter Learn how to trade…
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This Blow Off Top Rally is Typical of CYCLE ENDS

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