A Source Of Solid Technical Prorealtime Content

Some of you may already know about him but Vivien aka Artificall of has begun to put out some pretty solid Prorealtime content
I have purchased his Ebook available on and found it useful if very technically tilted but I am impatient and enjoy building systems being outcome orientated more than process
One of my frustrations with the ebook was a lack of final systems following so much detail on how systems can be built but that now appears to be changing as he is offering five prorealtime systems in return for signing up to his newsletter. They are not the complex monsters that they could be but having performed some testing they are pretty nice bases to work from
The results of the five systems working together at £1 per point are shown below and show great results especially when considering that they close at the end of the cash session which is a major factor when comparing the returns with other Dax systems. My hope is that eventually the full systems will be revealed/available
Personally I am happy to hold beyond then end of the cash session and simply turning off the FLATAFTER command is an easy way to increase P/L on a couple of the systems thought this does increase market exposure
My intention is to hide his entry signal but then build out the rest of the system into more of my style in a series of videos so if you wish to follow along then please get a copy of the signal by signing up at and check out his content


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