Another Vectorial Dax System -The Most Over Optimised Yet!

Warning – This system is very over optimised

However it does demonstrate a number of steps that I take when reviewing codes and adding in some of my favourite filter codes

The Dax Vectorial hit the Prorealcode forums with a bang but a number of the early versions did not hold up over the course of time. A number of programmers took the code and it now forms the base of a number of rentable algos (you know who you are)

The code is most probably over optimised given the low numbers of trades but I am intrigued by it, when using the original code and working with Vectorial signals my impression was that those systems tended to over trade

For this system I added in:

Break of high/low of day

Prior day % change filter

ATR based stop

ATR based take profit

The original entry signal was not changed

I hope you will find some value in the video, if you have any questions then please comment below or in the forums


Original – Vectorial DAX 5m v121p

RFT System – Another Vectorial DAX 5m

NB – time entries are London time and may need to be updated


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