What is Robofuturestrader.com?

Robofuturestrader.com is the embodiment of my ongoing research as I have spent several years exploring the platform and the arts of algorithmic and discretionary trading.

The site has a number of free resources including articles, a forum for traders getting started, a growing Discord Community and more advanced in depth content on topics such as technical trading and ProRealTime coding.

The paid membership available for £100 per month with a £50 30 day trial and gives access to detailed guides and videos covering topics such as system building, testing and deep dives into system performance analysis and portfolio building. Along with full system codes and feedback on your codes within the Premium Discord channel



ProRealTime Automated Trading

ProRealTime is a versatile platform that can be used to create portfolios of automated trading systems. In this site we discuss the creation and evaluation of systems along with strategies to build balanced portfolios for long term profitability, click the banner above to get started

ProRealTime For Charting And Technical Analysis

ProRealTime is a an excellent charting and technical analysis platform that we use through IG.com. In this section we cover techniques for technical trading and review the trades taken by in house traders. Click the banner above to get started.